Friday, February 4, 2011

Sri Kalahasti - rahu kethu pooja

Dear viewers.

Let me write about my visit to srikalahasti temple for rahu kethu pooja during december last week 2010. My parents insisted me to visit this temple and do rahu kethu pooja as per the guidance of our astrologer.  From tirupati from 5.00 am onwards RTC is plying number of buses for every fifteen minutes. As i reached the temple entrance a coconut seller approached me and asked me whether I was going to temple for darshan / raju kethu pooja. my purpose was for rahu kethu pooja, on my description he showed me a locker which was free of charge provided by temple authorities, he asked me purchase three diyas / grass ( garika) / small Jillidi flower garland. ( which is going to cost you around Rs. 200/ - ). At the entrance on left side a idols of ( Rahu kethu ) and ganesh is visible where you have to offer garika to rahu kethu idols and lite two diyas before the idols ( wishing your desires to be completed ie. job / marriage / child ) and lite one diya before ganesh idol. On further entrance you will find a counter for rahu ketu pooja ( Rs 250 / - Rs600/ - Rs.1500/ ). once you purchase any one token you will be provided with ( three coconuts / red & black cloth piece / black dal / brown dal 50gms / two lemons / two silver idol of snake / turmeric & kumkum 50gms / flower 50gms / pan leves & betel nuts ( again you have to purchase lotus flowers essential / two diyas / green leave known as patri costing you around Rs 200/ - ) once you have brought all the pooja materials, you have to stand in que before rahu kethu pooja mandapam and wait for your turn as gate keeper will allow you inside as per the vacancy inside ( 500 person can sit and perform pooja inside ). once it is filled devotes who came to perform pooja preist will ask to keep out all the pooja materials ( he will narate every procedure in TAMIL / TELUGU / HINDI / ENGLISH ) once the pooja is finished it will take 30 minutes. you have to come out and lite the two diya at the stage provided and offer coconuts at lord shiva & ammavari temple. and after that you can come out of temple and you can proceed further journey.

It is believed that after performing this rahu kethu pooja the desired fruits are obtained by the devotees. This rahu kethu pooja is performed daily at sri kalahasti temple, it is believed that if this pooja performed during the rahu kalam timing it results are more beneficial.

I wish you all the best who want to perform rahu kethu pooja  at srikalahasti.
OM Namha Shivaya



  2. Thank you Very helpful. We are planning to visit and all my questions are answered.

  3. very detailed fantastic i was wondering about the language barrier but you solved it for me
    thank you
    hriday shetty

  4. Thanks, it was very helpful. God bless

  5. Thanks for the useful info. How many people they allow inside to pooja per each ticket??

  6. Thanks for information.
    Can we visit tirupati temple before visiting Kala hasti. please let me know asap.

  7. After the 1,500 ticket there is a 2,500 ticket where you can do the pooja right in front of the Sahasralingam.

  8. Thanks, it was very helpful. God bless